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MAP of the Shop

1 NEW Wares
2 Skin Care
3 Brushes
4 Nails & Body Design
5 Adornment
6 Colors for Textile
7 Colors for Silk
8 Multisurface Colors
9 Child's Hobby
10 Window Colors
11 Gouache
12 Water-Colors
13 Acrylic
14 Pastel, Pencils
15 Stencils & Paints
16 Color Sand
17 Decorative Colors
18 Artistic Paints
1 Medicine without recipe
2 Brushes for Nails & Body
3 Sponge-Brush
4 Pen-Brush
5 Polishes for Nails
6 Paints and Powders
7 Salon Tips and Glue
8 Stickers
9 Paints for Nails Art
10 Colors for Body and Face Art
11 Tattoo for Body Art
12 Gloss Paints
13 Satin Paints
14 Decorative Paints & Powders
15 Colors for Textile
16 Outlines for Textile
17 Color Sets for Textile
18 Metallic Colors for Textile
19 Glitter Colors for Textile
20 Pearl Colors for Textile
21 Fluorescent Colors for Textile
22 Colors for Silk
23 Contours for Silk
24 Silk for Batik
25 Peelable Window Colors
26 Glow in the Dark paints
27 Gouache in Sets
28 Watercolor in Sets
29 Decorative Acrylic
30 Artistic Acrylic
31 Oil Pastels
32 Color Pencils
33 Wax Crayons, WaxArell
34 Stencil
35 Stencil Paints
36 Art-Wares for Hobby
37 Art-Wares for Child
38 Color Sand
#Brand Name
3Decorfin Universal Gloss Paints
4Decorfin Universal Satin Paints
5Giotto Make Up
6Posca Markers
7Marabu Decormatt Paints
8Marabu Decorlack Paints
9Textile by WACO Paints
10L&B Textile colors
12DecorFin Textile colors
13Javana Textile colors
14Javana Textile Metallic paints
15Javana Textile Glitter paints
16Marabu Silk paints
17Javana Silk paints
18Plaid Fabric Liner
19L&B Gutta contours
20Trip Textile 3D Paints
21Flip Textile Liner
22Amos Glass Deco
23Marabu Fun&Fancy
24H-L Window Colors C2
25Plaid Gallery Glass colors
31DecoArt Stencil Paints Acryl
32DecoArt Neon Acrylic
33DecoArt Craft Twinkles
34C-Kreul Stencils
36Different Acrylic
37Different Cosmetics
38Different Paints
39Other Art-Wares

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