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Paints, Brushes and Stuffs for Body & Nails Design
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18 Items
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1 Kolinsky Nail & Body Art 3 pcs  [186]
Kolinsky Nail & Body Art brushes. 3 thin round brushes.
Approx.sizes 00, 0, 1. L=185 mm. BeautyCare, Israel
20 g/ 15 gr
1) SKU: BRS05
$3.91 x  
2 Kolinsky Nail & Body Art Brush  [#000]
Nail round thin brush for nails Art and Drawing, #000. L=180 mm. BeautyCare, Israel
5 g/ 4.5 gr
2) SKU: BRS000
$1.62 x  
3 Fine Eye Liner #D
Round thin synthetic brush. Approx.#1. D=1.5mm, S=9mm, L=160 mm. BeautyCare, Israel
10 g/ 5 gr
3) SKU: BRS010
$1.95 x  
4 Nail Art Stripping Brush  [54]
Nail round synthetic brush with long hair. Approx #1. D=2 mm, S=20 mm, L=175 mm. BeautyCare, Israel
6 g/ 6 gr
4) SKU: BR06L
$1.98 x  
5 Natural Lip and Eye #E
Round brush type squirrel #3. D=4mm, S=10mm, L=158mm. BeautyCare, Israel
5 g/ 4.7gr
5) SKU: BRE03
$1.64 x  
6 Deluxe Angle Liner #2  [S216]
Angle Brush. Hair Width 5 mm, Lenghth 7 mm. Full Length 178 mm
7 g/ 7 gr
6) SKU: BCAL02
$2.92 x  
7 Firm angle Brush #FW
Synthetic Nail angular brush. Approx.#5. F=8 mm, S=9 mm, L=160 mm. BeautyCare, Israel
5 g/ 5 gr
7) SKU: BRF08
$1.69 x  
8 Lip Brush #44
Filbert Synthetic Brush. Approx.#4. Compound plastic holder. F=5mm, S=9mm, L=98/170 mm. BeautyCare, Israel
12 g/ 10 gr
8) SKU: BCF44
$1.93 x  
9 Deluxe Flat Camouflage bruhs set 2pcs #3  [S150-4, S113]
Synthetic flat brushes: S150-4 Taklon Camouflage (F=6mm, S=9mm, L=176mm), S113 Liner Camouflage brush (F=8mm, S=8mm, L=176mm). BeautyCare, Israel
12 g/ 12 gr
9) SKU: BCS03
$3.94 x  
10 Deluxe Contour bruhs set 2pcs #6  [S212, K4]
Brushes of kolinsky type: C212 Detail mini chisel filbert brush (F=4mm, S=9mm, L=176mm), K4 - Round Contour brush (D=7mm, S=10mm, L=182mm). BeautyCare, Israel
12 g/ 12 gr
10) SKU: BCS04
$3.94 x  
11 Deluxe Crease bruhs set 2pcs #8  [S217, K21]
Brushes of kolinsky type: S217 Round Crease (D=7mm, S=12mm, L=182mm), K21 - Crease (D=9mm, S=14mm, L=182mm). BeautyCare, Israel
15 g/ 15 gr
11) SKU: BCS08
$3.94 x  
12 Deluxe Oval & Square Camouflage bruhses 2pcs  [C150-6, IB114]
Synthetic Deluxe brush: C150-6 Taklon square Camouflage brush (F=10mm, S=10mm, L=175mm), IB114 Oval Camouflage brush (F=13mm, S=13mm, L=185mm). BeautyCare, Israel
15 g/ 15 gr
12) SKU: BCS05
$5.21 x  
13 Deluxe Foam and Oval 2 Brushes #5  [C312, IB110]
C312 Deluxe Foam Smudger 5x6 mm L=174 mm. IB110 Deluxe Mini Oval Smudger 7x9 mm, L=178 mm.
10 g/ 10 gr
13) SKU: BCDL05
$3.91 x  
14 Deluxe Chisel Brushes #10  [C153, S232]
S232 Small Chisel Fluff 7x9 mm L=176 mm. C153 Deluxe Large Chisel Fluff 14x17mm L=187 mm
15 g/ 15 gr
14) SKU: BCFL10
$4.21 x  
15 Deluxe Shadow Brushes #9  [C135, K5]
C135 Deluxe Oval Shadow 14x12 mm L=181 mm. K5 Deluxe Firm Shadow 19x20mm L=190 mm
21 g/ 21 gr
15) SKU: BCOS09
$4.93 x  
16 Deluxe Oval Fluff  [C136-8]
Soft oval brush (as squirrel type brush) for common use. Approx.art-size #8. Full length L=180 mm. BeautyCare, Israel
8 g/ 8 gr
16) SKU: BCF10
$2.63 x  
17 Deluxe Mini Blush  [S204]
Soft oval brush (as squirrel type brush) for cosmetics and common use. Approx.art-size #12. L=190 mm. BeautyCare, Israel
12 g/ 11 gr
17) SKU: BCF13
$2.73 x  
18 Deluxe Fan + Round bruhs set 2pcs  [M13, IB104]
Natural brush: M13 Round Flat Crease, IB104 Soft Fan brush. L=205 mm. BeautyCare, Israel
16 g/ 16 gr
18) SKU: BCS12
$5.21 x  
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