Colors for silk, textile and chlid hobby
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Skin Care1) Skin Care
Brushes2) Brushes
Nails & Body Design3) Nails & Body Design:
Type of Goods
- Polishes for Nails  
- Paints and Powders  
- Salon Tips and Glue  
- Stickers  
- Paints for Nails Art  
- Colors for Body and Face Art  
- Tattoo for Body Art  
* BeautyCare  
* Decorfin Universal Gloss Paints  
* Decorfin Universal Satin Paints  
* Giotto Make Up  
* Posca Markers  
Cotton for Hobby4) Cotton for Hobby
Adornment5) Adornment
Colors for Textile6) Colors for Textile
Colors for Silk7) Colors for Silk
Multisurface Colors8) Multisurface Colors
Child9) Child's Hobby
Window Colors10) Window Colors
Gouache11) Gouache
Water-Colors12) Water-Colors
Acrylic13) Acrylic
Pastel, Pencils14) Pastel, Pencils
Stencils & Paints15) Stencils & Paints
Color Sand16) Color Sand
Decorative Colors17) Decorative Colors
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Paints and Powders

Nails & Body Design
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Glitter Tattoo Set 10 1) Glitter Tattoo Set 10
Professional 10 Body Decoration Glitter Jars x 6 gr, Body Adhesive glue, Decorative Brush, 10 Tattoo model stickers.
255 gr / 260 g
$14.28 x
Glitter Nail Set 12 2) Glitter Nail Set 12
Professioanl Beauty Implements. 12 Nail Decoration Glitters AL-1. Made in China
183 gr / 190 g
$5.44 x
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