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Javana Silk paints
Seidenmalfarbe. Water-based Paints for Silk (Batik).

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[Javana Silk paints]
Water-based paint for silk and fabrics, 50 ml (1.68 fl.oz.)
Product JS8125

Javana Silk

Javana Color for Painting on Silk.
The flowing silk paint.
Heat set by ironing.
For silk and other fabrics, which can be ironed.
High brilliancy.
Ready to use.
Can be thinned and lightened with water.
Can be used for all techniques such as outlining, salt, aquarelle and air-brush.
Heat set by intensive ironing from the reverse side (cotton setting).
The silk is then lightfast, washable and dry-cleanable.
Mix well before use !
Protect from frost and heat !
Clean brushes with water.

C.Kreul, Germany

NOTES of Alvitan:
This paint may be used as liquid transparent acrilic (or watercolour) for painting on watercolor paper or white cardboard.
No need iron fixation, but you can make also fixation on paper.
You may make some layers with transparent effects and without blurred of previous layers.

50 ml / 140 g  C.Kreul
SKU: JS8125
$5.63 x  

Javana Silk paints

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