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Pen-Brush Set 24 Deli

[Other Art-Wares]
Synthetic round brush with barrel, filled with liquid washable ink. Set 24 colors. Each brush d=4mm, s=13mm, Total length L=187mm. Deli, made in China
Product DPBR24
DELI Color Emotion Felt Pen 24 colors
Brush tip, washable Ink, Bright Colors, Ventilated Cap.
Brush tip for more flexible and impressive drawing effect.
Optimized laydown for a great coloring experience.
Washable ink for clean use.

    The Composition:
  1. Dreamy Plum
  2. Hopeful Red
  3. Poetic Pink
  4. Passion Burgundy
  5. Original Blush
  6. Energetic Orange
  7. Exotic Gold
  8. Funny Yellow
  9. Friendly Yellow
  10. Cool Green
  11. Idealist Green
  12. Mild Green
  13. Vigorous Green
  14. Creative Green
  15. Cold Blue
  16. Pesiful Blue
  17. Trust Blue
  18. Faithful Blue
  19. Farhasy Purple
  20. Mystic Violet
  21. Natural Brown
  22. Zen Brown
  23. Bold Black
  24. Neutral Silver

The Set may contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.
Code C103 24.
Plastic transparent box 187 x 179 x 31 mm.
Each Pen-brush size: Length 167mm, Diameter 10mm.
Round Brush Tip Diameter 4mm, Length 13mm
DELI, Made in China

314 g / 330 g  Other Companies
$23.33 x  

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