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[H-L Window Colors C2]
Transparent water-based gel for painting artificial stained-glass window with 3D effects. 125ml (4.22 fl.oz)
Product HLW40113 Hobby Line Window Color.
Glass Design C2.
Bottle 125 ml.
Transparent color for peelable stained-glass window.
Use on glass, mirrors, special plastic sheet, tiles, etc.
For flow-like application of paint.
The dried paint surface is extra smooth.

Apply the lining paint.
Let dry.
Generously apply the paints directly from the bottle and let dry (ca.24 hrs.).
Peal off and decorate.
Protect from frost and heat.

C.Kreul, Germany

125 ml / 150 g  C.Kreul
SKU: HLW40113
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H-L Window Colors C2