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2023-01-29; 16:09:06

Purple Satin

[Decorfin Universal Satin Paints]
Universal Satin Water-based paint for wood, cardboard, paper, plaster, earthenware, childrens toys, Nails Art.
Product DFS376 DecorFin Universal Satin Color.
Water-based paint, ready to use.
For wood, cardboard, paper, plaster, earthenware, brick.
For interior and exterior.

Use above 10°C.
Clean brushes with water.
Drying time 30 - 60 minutes.
Bottle 16 ml.
Safe to use on children's toys.

Royal-Talens, Holland

NOTES of Violtan:
- These paints suitable also for painting on Nail.
- Paints are intermixable in one type and between types (gloss + satin).
- Touch dry time on Nail Tips 7-15 minutes.

16 ml / 50 g  Royal-Talens
$4.25 x  

Decorfin Universal Satin Paints