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Window Colors: Water-based transparent peelable paints for child temporary stained-glass on window glass

Marabu Fun&Fancy

Fun&Fancy Window Color.
Plastic Bottle 80 ml (2.7 fl.oz.) Transparent peel-off water-based gloss paint.
For glass, mirrors, tiles, porcelain, metal and many other smooth surfaces.
Non-toxic, safe for children after 3 years old.
Apply outline paint to foil (e.g. transparent pocket) or glass.
Fill in with Fun&Fancy after 1-2 hours.
Always apply paint directly from the bottle.
After 24 hours drying time, peel off the picture from the backing and apply it to the choosen object.
Remove stains immediately with warm water and soap.
Further hints see leaflet. Wonderful Tiffany effect designs can be achieved using fun & fancy.
Painting without a brush - directly from the squeezable bottle with fine tip for easy application. 1. Put your design under transparent film (e.g. transparent PP or PE pocket) or a glass plate
and paint the outlines with fun&fancy outliner directly from the bottle.
Please ensure that the outlines have no gaps, otherwise the picture can tear when peeled off the film. 2. After 1-2hours, outlines will be touch-dry and can be painted in.
If you want to save time, you can paint carefully within the wet outlines.
Paint in the design right up to the outlines, directly from the bottle.
The colours are milky at first, but become shiny and transparent when dry. 3. After about 24 hours, you can simply peel off gently the picture from the film
and apply it to another spot (e.g. to the window, textile etc.) by pressing it jently.
On the textile fix the pixture by iron from the reverse side.
You can trim your dry picture very simply with a cutter or scissors.
Finished ! The picture can be peeled off and applied again as often as you like:
Marabu-fun&fancy - again and again. Additional recommendations. 4. Do not apply or peel off the picture if the window is either very hot or very cold,
or it may distort or tear. 5. If the transparent picture loses adhesion after it has been applied several times,
just wet the picture with water from the reverse side and it will stick well again. 6. When applied to light coloured plastic or wood surfaces,
deposits of colour may remain after removal. 7. With a cocktail stick or tooth-pick, you can easily paint very small areas.
For marble effects, you can use the cocktail stick too.
Simply apply two or more colors and mix them with the stick until you get the desired effect.
If you stir the paints a little longer, you can get beautiful mixed shades.
Marabuwerke GmbH & Co., Germany