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Fabric colours set 12x12ml
[Other Art-Wares]
Watersoluble Paints for textile, paper, lumber, cement. Sun-proof, strong adhesion, water resistance. 12 colors x 12 ml tubes (12 x 0.4fl.oz.)
Product YPFC12
High quality Fabric colours 12x12ml (12 x 0.4fl.oz)
This product selects the high quality raw material purification to become,
has the color bright quality of material to be exquisite,
cheng mo is soft, sun-proof fastness is high, the adhesion is strong,
the permeability is good, the water resistance is good, stands washing,
bears characteristics and so on friction.
The easy to operate, the versatility, may in the textile, the paper, the lumber,
the cement and so in many kinds of carriers do painting.
May use in handpainted, the silk-screen printing and so on many kunds f methods,
and may take the traditional chinese painting, the moist colors auxliary use.
Series 1 GT
    The Composition:
  1. 11 ST - Chinese White
  2. 33 ST - Primary Red Cadmium
  3. 19 ST - Yellow Ochre
  4. 48 ST - Primary Lemon Yellow
  5. 50 ST - Alizarine Crimson
  6. 27 OP - Burnt Sienna
  7. 43 ST - English Light Green
  8. 66 OP - Blue Turquoise
  9. 24 ST - Ceruleum Blue imit.
  10. 21 ST - Cobalt Violet imit.
  11. 29 ST - Burnt Umber
  12. 26 ST - Ivory Black
  13. Round Synthetic Brush #2
Conforms to ASTM D-4236 & EN71
All our products have reached the internationally accepted advanced standards of health and safety.
They also conform to EN71 (EU) and ASTM D-4236 (USA) standards.
234 g.
Made by Yipinxuan, China

234g / 240 g  Other Companies
$13.92 x  

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